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Re-Inventing Economics Through Design

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Over the past few decades, our economic system has become almost an independent self-serving entity, causing a variety of social problems on the global, national, and community scales...


The purpose of pension is to allow people to cease working at retirement age but still have enough funds to maintain a similar lifestyle for the rest of their life. 


Interest on loans is a method of increasing funds by utilizing existing finances. The Lender provides the Borrower with the required funds at an agreed-upon interest, taking the risk that these funds might not be returned on time, or not at all.


Insurance is an economic method which is designed to protect from financial loss. It is a form of risk management. The roots of insurance as a social principle designed to ensure mutual guarantee are deeply rooted in the core of human society...


The main idea of UTD MAS is an innovative and technological taxation platform which incorporates within it the total direct taxes and measures each person individually in the amount factors which are predefined, and then calculates the amount of taxation which is on the person pay, which creates dynamics from month to month..

How Can Design Transform The Way We Think About (Sustainable) Finance Design is a conduit to the experience of life, and as such helps in building sustainable, more humane financial models.

Design methodologies (including but not limited to Design Thinking) can generate new economic models and structures in a quick and efficient manner. Ideation, prototyping, and testing are integral to this creative process.

Thinking as designers brings clarity to a complex realityOperating as designers helps in dismantling a hegemonic situation and creating a more sustainable economic future.


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Yifat Reuveni

Entrepreneur (food industry production chains); Researcher (CDFIs, impact investments, social design and social finance); Adjunct Professor at Hebrew U. Jerusalem business school, Coller Business School, Tel Aviv University, Bezalel.


Eyal Fried

Cognitive psychologist, interaction designer, lecturer, consultant and entrepreneur in the field of biomedicine. Deals with the applied space between cognition and human behavior and advanced technologies.


Roee Bigger

Industrial designer, design manager and entrepreneur. Helping startups to design products and services that improve people's life. Head of Bezalel.X for new technologies at Bezalel Academy.

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Noy Machluf
26, Architecture

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Adam Havakok
40, MA industrial design

michal cohen_edited_edited.jpg

Michal Cohen
26, Visual Communication


Dror Shoval
33, Ceramic design

noa zarmati_edited.jpg

Noa Zarmati
25, Architecture


Mazal Adgo
25, Architecture


Yuval Margalit
30, MA Industrial design


Lanir Kazes
25, Architecture


Nimrod Azulay
34, MA industrial design

moran mandil_edited_edited.jpg

Moran Mandil
27, Architecture

or zaken_edited.jpg

Or Zaken
25, Architecture


Anita Berdishayev
28, Visual Communication


Aviv Marshell
28, Architecture

Ivana Nitzan_edited.jpg

Ivanna Nizan
41, MA Industrial design

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